Does your business depend on more technology than you can manage?

Ask yourself:

  • If your PCs crashed today, would you be able to get your files back? Are you certain?

  • Would confidential data be exposed if a laptop or phone is lost or stolen from an employee?

  • Can your employees do anything productive when the Internet line goes down?

  • How long can you be without email, files, or QuickBooks before your business suffers?

  • Have you or your team lost hours or days’ worth of time due to “technical difficulties” like frequent PC crashes, hang-ups, or just downright slow PCs?

Perhaps you own your business, or you are the person in charge of “computer stuff” because you know a little more about it than everyone else. Either way, the responsibility has been placed on you.

Do you feel comfortable in this position? If so, great! That means you have everything listed above under control. But if you need help, keep reading.

You’ve gotten by with the way things are for a while now, but you know it’s just a matter of time until something happens. It feels like a ticking time bomb that could blow up the business at any time. You know you need backups, antivirus, or new PCs, but it’s not really your forte to study these things. You have an office to manage, a business to run, and your customers to please.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know everything was under control, and be confident it’s done right? To feel relief knowing that after a system crash, everything can be recovered, and that you can get going again quickly? It gives you incredible confidence that your business can weather the storm, which frees you up to do what you do best: growing your business.

But how do you get there? Hiring a full-time IT person is costly, and it can be difficult to find the best person for the job. It’s even harder to find great talent that is willing to accept part-time work. You might have a local IT shop that offers hourly consulting, but that is expensive. You fear they want to just rack up hours and hours of time. Heaven help you if they suggest buying a server, which requires maintenance, which means more billable hours of support paid out of your bottom line.

Let’s face it; you just want someone on your side who isn’t hoping stuff will break so they can bill you more hours. You want someone whose success depends on your success. You want it all to just work, so that at the end of the day maybe you can go home early for once.

I can help you.

If you are tired of the stress, the fear, and the risk to your business, enter your email address below. I will send you free PDF worksheet that will help you evaluate the technology you have now, identify areas of improvement, and the DIY solution if you are so inclined. As a bonus, you’ll also receive free emails with relevant and useful computer tips for you and staff to make the most of your IT investments.